Life’s too short for boring sportswear.

When you wear a running costume, you’re telling other runners that you’re a fun-loving runner who isn’t afraid at laughing at yourself. They don’t know your reason – you could be doing it for a cause, for yourself or you just want to make other runners smile.

Ultimately, you are in charge of your own happiness.

We’re here to support runners like you, by providing with running costumes that are light and breatheable. You’ll forget you have them on. We know it can get hot and sweaty when you run with costumes, we want to make sure that you will run with comfort in our costumes.

Founded in 2014, Summersault Running Costumes started out as an activewear company selling fashionable activewear. In 2017, we decided to focus our efforts on running costumes. To date, we’ve worked with running organisers to provide runners with the right costumes.

Here are the running events we’ve worked with:

  1. Onesie Runsie KL 2016
  2. Running Diva Pinktober 2016
  3. My10k UPM Farm Run 2016
  4. MDCC New Year Eve’s Run 2016
  5. Running Diva Power of Love 2017
  6. Chow Kit Run 2017
  7. Superheroes Run 2017
  8. My10K Night Run 2017
  9. MDEC Costume Run 2017
  10. Running Diva Rockstar Run
  11. Atria Makan Fun Run 2017
  12. DPulze Malaysia Day Run 2017
  13. Hari Sukan Negara 21km 2017
  14. Great Strides Run Melbourne 2017
  15. Superheroes Race Vol I, II and Finale 2017
  16. Bangi Wonderland Fun Run 2017


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