Summersault is all about bringing fun to Fun Runs. Apply this concept to a race, and what you get is the Summersault #YOLO Pacers. A group of runners with different levels of running experience came together with one mission- to bring an element of fun to races by dressing up in fun costumes to motivate runners. We don’t care if you’re running slow or fast, as long as you finish the race in the most fun way possible.

We debuted at the Ice-Watch Light Up The Night as Storm Troopers and the crowd were keen to join the dark side, to say the least! Click here for photos from the event.

Here’s a list of runs we have invaded:

  • Ice-Watch Light Up The Night 2015
  • KL Onesie Runsie 2016
  • Running Diva 2016
  • UPM Farm Run 2016


#Strikeapose started out with an intention to educate Malaysians on simple yoga poses. The campaign is currently being conducted as part of our pop-up store routine. Our first run was when we got the Run Stroller Run participants to strike our signature tree pose.

The purpose of the campaign has since evolved beyond yoga education. At the 2015 AWAM White Ribbon Run, we got participants to strike a warrior pose to show their support for strong and independent women against violence.

You Only Live Once so dress up and run!

We provide the costumes, you run for RM10* only.

Here’s how the programme works:

1. Click “Tickets” and sign up for your run of choice.

2. On race day, meet up with us an hour earlier before flag-off. We’ll provide you with your costume and race bib.

3. Run and have fun!

Benefits of Joining Us

1. FUN – running in costumes is so much fun that you’ll forget you’re running

2. CONVENIENT – we collect the racekits for you

3. ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS – run more with us and you’ll achieve your running goals in no time

4. GIVE BACK – cheer and encourage the other race participants. Let them pace with you.

So, what are you waiting for? YOLO with us!

*We charge a small fee of RM10 for handling costs (e.g collecting your racekits).

Slots are limited and are subject to availability. First come first served.



To give an opportunity for our experienced runners to give back to our running community and inspire them to be amazing runners like themsleves, we’re introducing a Mentor-Mentee element to our YOLOPacers.

Every mentor will be paried with a mentee and both of them need to ocmplete the race together. We are doing this to prevent beginners from running alone. Plus, we are all about making new friends!


Contact persons

Whatsapp: Lily (017-7787102)/Afifah (014-5005892)

Email: summersault.my@gmail.com


Can I join if I'm not a beginner runner?

Experienced runners are only allowed to join if they get a beginner runner friend/loved one to participate with them.

Will I receive the medal and goodie bags?

You will receive either one, sometimes both medal and goodie bags. However, it is subject to the race director’s discretion.

Any rules I should be aware of?

1. You have to have the ability to laugh at yourself

2. Show up for the runs that they’re signed up for, or give at least 3 days notice if they’re unable to attend.

3. Display teamwork by running as a team with the #YOLOPacers