Be a morning workout person

Wear your workout clothes to sleep
Our morning brain will tell us to go back to sleep because getting up to change into our workout clothes is too much work. Next time you’re awoken by your well-intentioned alarm, you will have one less excuse to not workout.

Get your workout bag ready the night before
Imagine this: you wake up early with our workout clothes already on, grab your workout bag and wear your sports shoes. You’re good to go.

But in order for this ideal situation to happen, you have to prepare the night before. Doesn’t take long, 15 minutes of making sure you have your office attire packed the night before will lessen the chance of you hitting the snooze button because getting up to pack your fitness clothes is too much of a chore.


Make your breakfast light and easy
“I might get appendicitis if I work out after my breakfast. I can’t skip breakfast either; I won’t have the energy to workout” Sounds familiar?

Take a light breakfast instead, doesn’t take long to digest a light one and you can top-up after your workout. Our favourites are fruit smoothies, wholemeal bread with peanut butter, and overnight oats.

Make it easy as well. Cut up your fruits and make sure there’s ice ready for your smoothie, the night before.


Make a date with your fit friend
We get it, sometimes life gets in the way and we end up prioritising other appointments. If you’re the type who dreads working out alone, schedule workout dates with a fit friend (one that you hate to disappoint). Ditching a friend is often harder than ditching on your personal commitments.

So find a workout buddy, make a weekly schedule and show up. You’re one step closer to your fitness goal.

Now, set a phone reminder to pack your workout bag tonight. See you at the gym!


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