Life Lessons from Running (Part 2)

Our founder shares what she still manages to learn even after 3 years of running:


It’s been 3 years since I fell in love with long distance running, you would think by now there is nothing left to learn from this sport.

When I first started out running, I didn’t really need much motivation to get myself out of the door. Like any new love, everything is exciting and I was intrinsically motivated to invest time and effort in it. As the years go by, I know my fastest pace. There are hits and misses here and there, some days I hit the 5 min/km mark, some days I hover over my “comfort pace”.

I’ve reached a plateau.

That’s when finding the motivation to maintain an exercise that I once fell in love with becomes a chore. My pace started slowing down due to my lack of motivation, which further demotivated me, till I finally found the perfect excuse for it…

I’m getting old.

But don’t get me wrong, I’m not encouraging people to practise strenuous exercise as they get older. There are different forms of exercises for every age. But who am I kidding, I’m only 26.

Yes, it’s true that muscle mass and aerobic capacity falls with age. However, unlike other sports, runners reach their peak performance later in their running career. That’s because what matters isn’t chronologically age, but athletic age- a runner’s history of aerobic training. That’s the differentiating factor in a runner’s performance, regardless of age factors.

In fact, more runners only peak in their 30s, not because 30 is the magic number but it’s because that’s the age where most runners would have accumulated a decent amount of mileage from years of running.

This leads to a few important lessons:

  1. About fitness goals: We’re never too old to achieve our fitness goals, we just need to find a suitable exercise (like running!)
  2. And life in general: We won’t always be on form but that doesn’t mean we should stop. Sometimes, the best is yet to come. And that is enough to keep us striving to be better every single day.


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