Race Costumes

The next time you sign up for a fun run, get a tutu. Get your friends to join you.  You will get compliments. You will get stares.

But most of all, you’re telling the world that you’re not afraid to have a bit too much fun at a run.


Standout Leggings

An instagram-worthy yoga pose isn’t complete without a pair of standout leggings. Express yourself with our range of funky prints.


Statement Tees

Remember that one time you were about to give up on your last rep but you caught a glimpse of an inspiring slogan on someone’s shirt which reminded you why you were working out in the first place.

Be that person, make a statement and inspire others.


Brazilian-inspired Sports bra

Life’s too short for boring sports bras. Pair them with a peekaboo top or wear them loud and proud in a yoga or poledancing class. Whatever it is, you’ll radiate confidence with every move.