Life lessons from Dragon Boating

Teamwork- it’s either all or nothing
Yes, doesn’t take a genius to figure that out. With 22 people stuck on a boat trying to get somewhere, everyone has to get along somehow. Just like how dancers of a dance group have to be synchronised to give a good show, every paddler has to paddle at the same pace as the rest for the boat to glide.


Focus – you snooze you lose
A moment of distraction/day-dreaming will cause the boat to be out of sync. Because when we are distracted, we might miss important instructions from the coach like keeping your paddles up/start padding. Plus you’ll look like a fool as well¬†tongue emoticon


Education builds confidence and eliminates fears
You know the saying “the bird is not afraid of the branch breaking because it has confidence in its ability to fly”? One may be afraid to take up dragon boating due to a fear of drowning. With every sport, education of the rules and skills required will be able to eliminate fears. In this case, picking up basic skills such as swimming will give you the confidence to manage your fears.

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